Many years ago, there were great local newspapers in Jerusalem. These newspapers didn’t just cover local municipality and stories of corruption, they also contributed to the local culture scene, and the development of different neighbourhoods in the city. They gave the city a voice.

Today,this isn’t the case

These days, local journalism in Jerusalem turns a blind eye to its surroundings. Local newspapers are filled with ads and public statements copied and pasted into articles. These newspapers are mostly owned by wealthy proprietors who aren’t from Jerusalem, who don’t live here, and who don’t care to know what goes on in the city. and who don’t care to know what goes on in the city.

We want to turn the wheel

We’ve had enough of local journalism looking like an inflated noticeboard. Jerusalem deserves a great online newspaper, with in-depth video articles and refreshing content.

We’re creating a new local digital newspaper.

We’ll report on what goes on in local politics, we’ll give a voice to different neighbourhoods and different sectors. We’ll look into sports, music, night life, and Jerusalemite culture, which the media neglects.

We’ve worked hard over the last two years. We’ve ran around different parts of the city, edited articles, interviewed tens of people on numerous topics, held many events, and created a wonderful community. Now, we want to take it to the next level.

But … we can’t do it alone.

Will you join us in building a local media revolution?