Our goal is to shape the urban discourse, with everyone who will join us, through excellent local journalism.

Our agenda is to always ask ourselves: What is best for Jerusalem, and all of its residents?

We obviously don’t have one unequivocal answer to this question, but an axis around which we revolve and a northern star towards which we are directed.

What does this essentially mean?

  • המטרה שלנו היא לשמור כמה שיותר על האינטרסים של התושבים, ולא של סיעות או בעלי הון. Our goal is to protect the interests of all residents as best as possible, not of political parties or moguls.
  • We will cover Jerusalem with the highest journalistic standards, with every possible tool at our disposal.
  • We believe in journalistic ethics, equality, and the pursuit of justice.
  • We want to shape the direction of The State of Jerusalem according to what is important to our members and subscribers, who will have a deep impact on the character and direction of The State of Jerusalem
  • We’re interested in promoting small business owners, Jerusalem artists, cultural institutions, initiatives and social struggles, but to also criticize them when they don’t give their best to the residents of the city.
  • We won’t focus on national issues and national politics – there are enough platforms that already do this.
  • We always look towards solutions, our goal is to create positive changes, and not to simply point fingers.
  • Not everything that we publish will be easy to digest. The idea is to create dialogue and to hear things that will challenge us. We will also publish things that you will not like or agree with.

We will report on what we deem important and necessary for a local paper, like local politics, different neighborhoods, communities, urban planning, education, health and welfare, as well as all things that make this city great: sports, culture and art, food, nightlife, science, and many, many more.

We believe that journalistic content should be accessible in all kinds of forms: textual articles, short videos, in-depth video articles, and more.

We will share the process of building the newspaper with our members, so as to best understand which topics are most important to deal with, and which kinds of content are most relevant.

You may be asking yourself: sounds great, but how is this all supposed to happen?

Based on the success stories of several new media platforms across the globe, our plan looks like this:

Phase 1 –Feasibility Test

This is the phase we’re currently at. Only if we reach 10,000 subscribers, who will join us in creating a local media revolution, will we be able to move on to the next step

Phase 2 – Headstart Campaign

At this stage, we will ask all subscribers to join us in signing up to an official subscription. Only if we hit the target, will we move on to establishing the State of Jerusalem.

Phase 3 – Setting up The State of Jerusalem

We will recruit team members, update the website, and begin building content, together with our members.

Phase 4 – Running the Newspaper

Great local content every day.

In most newspapers today, we – the readers – are at the bottom of their list of priorities. We want to turn the pyramid on its head. Our readers will be our top priority. We’re not against ads, and in the future we, too, will have ads – but only of local Jerusalem businesses and institutions, of course! But it’s important for us to establish a hierarchy: first our audience, then the advertisers.

We’re in a period of huge divisions, between the ultra-Orthodox and secular communities, right and left, Arabs and Jews. We don’t have magical solutions, but we believe that on a local level, a lot of things can be done. At the end of the day, we all want this city to thrive, and to get along with our neighbours next door.

At this point, we want to reach out to anyone who might be interested in The State of Jerusalem and any help is welcome: a Facebook post, an Instagram story, posting on your WhatsApp groups, connecting us to different communities. Every person counts.

Have any other questions? Write us!